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Do The New gTLDs Help With SEO? (Hint: Good Luck…)

Red Olive gTLD image

When it comes to the complicated minefield (or money factory…) of new gTLDs, those of us working in SEO really just have one question on our minds: how will the new .something domain extensions affect search results and rankings?
The short answer? They won’t. The longer, more complex one? They might, but no one can really be sure how just yet.
It seems like the only significant benefit of the new gTLDs …


Is your Old Website Killing your Business?

Your website has just 50 milliseconds to establish a viewer’s first and lasting impression of your company according to a study conducted at Carlton University in Ontario in 2006. For this reason, creating a website that is aesthetically pleasing is an absolute must in order to portray the image you want for your company in this small window.  It’s not that simple though, your site must also be built for …


Mike Murphy joins the internet marketing team


Mike Murphy has been an internet marketer for over 12 years.  He has excelled in acquiring online leads, e-commerce transactions, and increasing conversion ratios.  Mike’s methods of choice are SEO, PPC, and Social Media.  His past clients have included INC 500 companies, start-ups, and international companies.
He is an ROI extraordinaire, loves A/B testing, and has an eye for fine content.  Qualifications include being a Google AdWords Certified Professional, Bing Ads …


Utah Internet Marketing with Red Olive

Web Design

Web design impacts conversion, it’s that simple. A quality web design means a great user experience, which is more important than ever for SEO. Some SEO-Only firms may hate to admit it, but if your internet marketing strategy is rooted in bad design, your results won’t be as great as they can be. View our web design work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A competitor recently told one of our …


SEO vs PPC – An Ecommerce Case Study

PPC Results - SEO vs PPC

The first thing I want to make clear is that you shouldn’t look at SEO and PPC globally in a versus style debate. In most cases, I believe you should utilize both categories of search marketing. This particular case study examined the traffic and conversion differences from SEO and PPC for a single keyword.

The first reason you shouldn’t look at SEO and PPC in a global "vs" style debate is …


Why Google Plus Local
Is Good For Local Business

A few months ago Google made a dramatic overhaul to their local business profile service, Google Places. What they have done is consolidated Google Places into Google+, calling these new pages Google+ Local. Many Google Places profiles have been automatically switched over to Google+ Local. If you have noticed that your profile looks different, this is why. Not to worry, your current Google Places page still exists and can still …


Is Your Website Invisible?

By now any self respecting business owner knows that having a website is crucial. When someone hears about your business and they would like to learn more, the default has quickly become the internet. If a potential customer has your business card or can remember your business name (which often times they won’t), they can find your website fairly easily. So what happens when they can’t remember who you are? …


The importance of being on page 1 of the search results

There can be only 1, well 10 if you’re talking about search engine rankings. (From Highlander, watch the long drawn out movie scene). One of the challenges of SEO is that you can’t be satisfied with helping a client go from ranking 100th for a phrase to 11th. Sadly, an 11th spot, page 2 in most search engines, will bring you little to no traffic.

Ranking 10th or better …


SEO Ethics Conference at UVU

Yesterday Red Olive attended a conference about SEO ethics at Utah Valley University. Ash Buckles, President of, spoke on black hat vs. white hat SEO and the respective techniques to avoid and participate in. He first defined what the search engines consider to be black hat tactics. Black hat SEO tactics include website cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden text, link farms and stealing content from other websites. He cited examples …


Research old mentions of your site for Link Building possibilities

Link building is one of the most difficult tasks in SEO. Lately, I’ve been able to increase my link building conversion rate by looking for old company mentions in Google, where a link was never established. This is how to do it, and why it works.

How to search for old mentions:

First, search your company name in Google. Next click "show search tools." Click "custom range" and enter …


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