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If you've ever worked with an agency that outsources their programming offshore or with another firm you'll understand the value in working directly with in-house programmers. The communication barrier is usually so thick when outsourcing that you find yourself explaining things two and three times to illustrate a concept to programmers or an account exec only to have the final product not match your specifications. It's frustrating and results in delays and additional costs. Typically the selling point for outsourcing programming is lower cost, but since the agency marked it up you won't tend to realize those savings. This is exactly why all programming is done under our roof by in-house programmers and never outsourced. It's invaluable to be able to meet in person and bounce ideas off developers before and during your projects development.

A little about our programming skill set

  • JavaScripting
  • PHP
  • Ecommerce Custom or Boxed
  • CRM Systems
  • MVC
  • MySQL & MS SQL
  • ASP
  • Java
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Android + iPhone development
  • Flash AS3


All our programmers have in depth experience with popular frameworks and cms systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, magento, interspire, etc. Depending on your needs, whether existing or new, we can update or extend those platforms for you with ease.

If you're sick of trying to find a "work-around" for your current ecommerce platform, cms, or website due to using an off the shelf system it's time to migrate to custom programming. We'll work with you to develop a functional specification that defines each step and how each process will work. The advantage of custom web development is you get exactly what you want. If the budget permits, this is obviously the best route to take rather than spend money doing it the quick and cheap way only to invest more funds later redoing it to spec.

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