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SportEar appoints the Olive to develop new site.

Red Olive, a utah web design firm, is honored for the opportunity to design and develop the brand new website for SportEar which is the company responsible for introducing the first Micro Comfort Canal 100% Digital hearing/protection device to the sportsman.
SportEar’s products are like none else, they protect one’s hearing while maintaining the ability to hear when participating in activities such as hunting, trap/skeet shooting, wing shooting, auto racing, concerts, …


signs of life BY DANIEL RAMJOUÉ

A client of ours, Daniel Ramjoue, will exhibiting his work in the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll starting Sept. 19 through Nov. If have never been this would be a good time to start a new tradition.
The vibrant, dynamic work in Signs of Life is the second series by oil painter Daniel Ramjoué to explore signs familiar in the Salt Lake area. This new series is juxtaposed against pieces from series one, …


Logolounge winners announced for book V and we’re in it!

Here are the three logos we designed that will be in the newest LogoLounge V book. The book will be published summer 2009.

Heres the letter they sent us.
Subject :       Congrats from LogoLounge
Congratulations Vince, your work has been chosen.
Congratulations on having your work selected for LogoLounge Book 5, the content is exceptional and the judging was extremely competitive.
The judging for LogoLounge Volume 5, has been completed. We are excited with the …


Steel Fabricators S & S Steel Now with New Refurbished Site

The final release of the day that is pretty cool, considering they deal with large metal structures, is our steel fabrication contractor clients — S & S Steel Fabrication. This is a triumph of inventive Flash and graphic design. Very beautifully designed both on the front and back end. The site feel is macho and tough like kick to the eye with a steel toe boot. And yes they really …


A Custom Site for a Customer Home Builder – Craythorne Homes

Just like the concept with Craythorne Homes, Red Olive Designers made a unique ‘custom’ looking site that really sets them apart from your typical custom home building site. The site re-design was a little bit of a branding project as well.
First off, what hits you is the woody motif. It’s the organic feel that’s nice, with cool knotted wood surrounding the surreal family scene (Redwood maybe, I dunno). The …


Red Olive Polishes Up Dannon Online Coupon Look

Just another reason to head to the web when you are looking for deals " print coupons are big time. Dannon’s line of Light & Fit® products are on sale with a quick link and printout of their online coupon " a generous 1 dollar off coupon that has recently been brushed up by our tenacious gaggle of Utah graphic designers.
We kept it in line with their Light & …


What is graphic design (in Utah or anywhere)?

A lot of people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them “Graphic Design” but few ever really understand what that is, this seams to the case with some clients as well. I don’t know if its the way that I explain it or that people just can’t wrap there head around it, so I thought I’d try to put it writing. I was reading an …


The Eyes Have it: Retina Associates Chooses Olive for a New Look

Red Olive Design is happy to take on a site designing task with a big force in the Opthalmology community — Retina Associates of Utah. They found us and would like to build a new site that not only presents a clean and easy service description, but a information hub for patients, family and those affected by disorders of the retina.
So with that said, we should produce a cool …


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